Common Questions about The Resort at Seaside

                                                      Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  May I rent a condo at The Resort if I am not a timeshare owner?   

A:   Yes you may.  Seaside Vacation Condos offers accommodations at The Resort for the general public. 

Q:   Will I be required to sit through a sales presentation?

A:   Wyndham Resorts, who owns this facility, does have a sales office onsite but there is no obligation to participate in a sales pitch. 

Q:    What amenities are available for guests?

A:    There is a beautiful outdoor pool and two spas in the courtyard.  Also, a children's pool.  These are open from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm all year.  The pools are heated to 85 degrees and pool towels are provided for guests.  Inside you will find a gift shop, concierge, game room, fitness center and computer room.  Daily activites are posted and coupons for discounts to restaurants and activites are available.

Q:    Is there daily maid service? 

A:   The condo you will be staying in will have been thoroughly cleaned prior to your arrival.  Unless you request and pay for daily maid service it is not provided.  However, additional towels, linens, soaps, detergents are available upon request.

Q:   Is there parking?

A:   Adjoining The Resort is a five story parking garage of which the top three floors are designated for Resort guests.  The clearance is 6 feet 11 inches.   You must check-in prior to parking in the garage.

Q:   Will my condo have internet access?

A:    The Resort has installed DSL access in all the units.  In order to use it, guests must rent a modem for a small charge from the front desk.  There is wifi in the lobby and also a computer room with multiple computers available for guests.

Q:     If I arrive in Seaside can I get into my condo early?

A:     Generally not.  The Resort tries its best to have all units cleaned by the check-in time of 4:00 PM but somedays this is not possible.  

Q:      Are you expected to clean the condo prior to leaving?

A:      No that is not necessary.  However, guests are expected to leave the unit presentable and to pick up the kitchen and run the dishwasher.



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